Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Diego's Killer Rub"

The following rub is adapted from Konrad Haskins', "Giddy Up BBQ," recipe. Konrad reports using this rub on everything he bbq's, and he has won national awards doing so - I figure if he can simplify his life like this, I can too. It has become my rub of choice - on everything except fish, though I think it might work there as well as on peanut butter.

Mix equal amounts of each of the following:

Montreal Steak Seasoning
Cane Sugar (if your sugar doesn't say it is 'cane,' it is beet sugar)
Kosher Salt
Dark Chili Powder

And pinch or two of cayenne to taste.

You'll love this rub. Try it and tell me you don't.

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