Friday, July 25, 2014

"Pulled Pork"

I wasn't a fan of pulled pork when my dad used to make it on his grille at home.  It seemed too dry and uninteresting.  Since I have been using a Traeger grille to cook meats on though, some of my prior thinking has changed.

Here's a recipe for a juicy pulled pork sandwich:


Spicy mustard
Brown Sugar
5lb Pork Shoulder, or Butt (same thing)
24 to 36 oz. (2 or 3 cans) Coke (not diet!)
3/4 C Apple cider
1/4 C Cooking oil


Put a smooth coating of the mustard on the meat. This helps hold the sugar and the rub.

Spread a thin coat of brown sugar on the meat, gently rubbing it in; this gives nice flavor and it makes a gorgeous crust when finished.

Spread a liberal amount of rub on the meat, gently rubbing it in; flavor, you bet.

Set your cooker to 250 degrees and place the meat on a grate over any type of container that will capture the juices. Pour some of the coke into the container, about half a can.

Every hour spray, or mop, with the apple cider-cooking oil mixture, and watch the container that it doesn't dry up by adding more coke.

Cook to either 180 degrees or 190 degrees.  The meat pulls away easier if the temp reached is 190.

Collect the juices, pour into a pan.  Add a couple dashes of the rub, a bit more coke, and some of your favorite barbecue sauce.  Heat to boiling, let cool, remove any fats that rise to the top.  Add these juices to the meat just prior to serving.

We like to add cole slaw to the meat when putting the sandwich together.


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